“Well, with Brad Rabuchin there is nothing to fear, except perhaps the knowledge that hearing his incredible guitar playing might require a recovery period in order to figure out what just happened.”

Brad Rabuchin grew up in Pasadena, Ca oblivious to the classic rock era of the 60s until one night  on TV catching Mason Williams playing his guitar instrumental “Classical Gas” on a guitar with fish swimming around inside of it! He then delved into playing, first mostly acoustic finger style and later getting into electric but never finding a way to incorporate fish. Brad studied music at Pierce Junior college but his musical identity was more drawn from self study and several excellent private teachers including Derol Coraco, Ted Greene and Joe Pass.

Brad Rabuchin now splits time between leading his own band and a successful carrier as a sideman. Some of the Brads’ credits include: Bonnie Rait, Roy Hardgrove, Louie Bellson, Pat Martino, Steve Turre, Al Kooper, Steve Wonder, Buddy Miles, Lean-to, Diane Shurr, David “Fathead” Newman, Willie Nelson and even Mr. Tom Jones. Brad also spent 5 years and toured 6 continents as the last guitarist with Ray Charles . All the while, though, Rabuchin has also been honing his own unique musical voice, just left of center.

Guitarist Brad Rabuchin is not one to paint by the numbers, musically speaking, or play by a given set of rules. That much is clear on his 2 solo albums When Smart Dogs Go Bad” and “ Cats Have Edge” .They are jazz albums with liberal doses of other, mutually compatible influences, from rock to funk to ethereal aesthetics, and back.

Rabuchin’s band is no guitar dominated blowfest, but a musical outing accenting the leader’s compositional sensitivity and the delicate-yet-feisty textures of a carefully-conceived ensemble.

Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Al Kooper, Willie Nelson, David “Fathead” Newman, Stevie Wonder, Roy Hardgrove, Bunnie Brunel, Ta Ta Vega, Dave Binney, Gary Meek, Ralph Humphrey, Gary Willis, Mars Bonfire, Tim Bogert, Glenn Phillips(Toad the Wet Sprocket), Chad Wackerman, Danny Gottlieb, Barbara Morrison, Louie Bellson, Pat Martino, John Pisano, Will Lee, George Arvanitas, Sherman Ferguson, Stu Hamm, Carl Anderson, Moscow Symphony, Seattle Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Chad Smith, Dick Van Dyke,

Selected Discography:

Brad Rabuchin “Cats Have Edge”

Brad Rabuchin “When Smart Dogs Go Bad”

House of Games “Greatest Hits”

Nick Manson “Jazz Impressions: Ray Charles”

Ray Charles “A’Olympia” (also DVD)

Lean To”Malarchitecture”

Diane Schuur “Friends for Schuur”

Brad Dutz “Making Ice”

Chris Greco “Trane of Thought”

Tony Brey “Outside looking In”

Jennifer York Quartet “Jennifer York Quartet”

Steve Billman “Odd Tunes for an Odd World”

Some gig highlights:

The Kremlin, Moscow;

Washington Press club annual dinner( for Bush43);

Fourth of July concert at The Capitol, Washington DC;

Palais des Congrès, Paris, France;

Antibes Jazz Festival, Antibes, France;

Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada;

Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island;

The Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood, CA

The Coliseum, Rome, Italy.


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