From the press release: “Two world renowned guitarist pay tribute to John Abercrombie. On For John, Grammy nominated guitarist David Becker teams up with former Ray Charles guitarist Brad Rabuchin in a stunning duo outing that embarks on a number of musical expeditions. The two guitarists have known each other for more than 35 years, but had yet to record together.”
Last July, David and myself were finally able to set aside a day to record a duo session. The basic premise was to bring in a few tune ideas but mostly just play, record it and see what happens. I added one original and David 2 but the rest of the session consisted of standards, free improvs  and an Abercrombie tune. Mostly we played our respective archtops but I also used an electric Sitar, an electric nylon and a Pinter electric 12 string; all into a Henriksen Jazz amp. David also used some open tunings, prepared guitar and loops on some tracks.  You can find it at CD Baby:  or Apple Music:  or Amazon: